What To Pack For A Luxury Holiday

What To Pack For A Luxury Holiday

Whether this is your first luxury vacation or you’re planning to elevate your luxury holiday experience to another level, our travel experts have some tips and advice on what to pack for a luxury holiday.

Get On The Case

Packing your luxury holiday suitcase takes time and thought. Think about what your holiday will embrace; will you be dining out at fine restaurants when you arrive, taking a helicopter for lunch for two on a tropical island or heading out on safari every day? Choosing the correct clothing and footwear will make a big difference to the enjoyment of your stay. Many of our luxury holiday destinations are remote paradises, so choose your holiday wardrobe wisely. Make a list of everything you might need so you can plan your outfits and pack more delicate items with tissue paper to help prevent creasing in transit.

Photo Perfect

If you struggle to plan outfits and always end up taking far too many clothes and return with too many unworn items, our experts have a helpful, tried, tested and trusted tip! Before packing your clothes, style an outfit, complete with accessories and shoes, and take a photo on your phone. Do this for every outfit. You will find that not only do you end up with a holiday wardrobe that works well with fewer items, but when you arrive, you can simply browse through your holiday wardrobe on your phone to pick your outfit for the occasion.

Pack Crease-Free Clothing

Of course, your luxury hotel will offer laundry services, including ironing and steaming, but do you really want your holiday interrupted for the sake of a few creases? We would recommend packing clothes which won’t crease terribly during travel. Clothing that will drop creases when hung up temporarily in a shower room are also an ideal choice. Avoid linen fabrics as these will crease terribly. Opt for finely knit fabrics that are easy to wear and easily rolled up in your suitcase.

Dress The Part

Packing a selection of dresses for your luxury holiday will give you plenty of options for beach cover-ups when you take lunch over your swimwear or transform your look for something more elegant for the evening paired with summer footwear. The same applies to loosely tailored cotton shirts for men; These can be paired with chinos or shorts for the day or worn with smart trousers for dinner.  

Jacket Moment

Taking a smart jacket with you will instantly elevate your look and can be worn whilst travelling and as a cover-up for those cooler evening temperatures. A pashmina can double up as a scarf or wrap, and for men, choosing a silk men’s scarf instantly smartens up your outfit with minimal effort or luggage space.

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