What To Look For In A Luxury Travel Agency

What To Look For In A Luxury Travel Agency

Whether you’re planning a luxury holiday of a lifetime or looking for a trusted luxury travel agency to help tailor the perfect vacation, here are our expert tips on what to look for when exploring booking a luxury break.

Financially Protected

Ensure that the luxury travel agency is financially protected so that if your holiday has to be cancelled, your money is safe. Intrigue Travel is ATOL protected and a member of the Travel Trust Association, the only brand in the UK to guarantee 100% financial protection for total peace of mind. 

Know The Difference

Recognise the difference between an everyday travel agent and a luxury travel agent. This may sound simple, but if a travel agency primarily specialises in budget holidays, are they really going to understand the luxury holiday experience? We would suggest, probably not! A bespoke luxury travel agency will help tailor your holiday from start to finish. According to Forbes, luxury travel agents have authenticity and insider knowledge, and we would agree. 

Up To Date

With Covid, the travel landscape has been more changeable than ever. With traffic light systems in place and, at the time of this blog, a more simplified version of a single red light system, it’s important to have luxury travel agents who can advise, adapt, and change your holiday plans if required in a time-sensitive fashion. Our agents have been at the forefront of educating consumers since the travel industry reopened. We are always guiding clients to make the best-informed choices available and rearranging voyage plans in the event of any new updates to travel rules.  

Experienced Luxury Travel Agents

How much experience does the luxury travel agency have? Do the agents selling your luxury holiday understand your needs? Have they even experienced this particular holiday or something similar? Our Luxury Travel Team have a wealth of travel experience and travel industry experience in the luxury sector, so they know exactly what our clients expect and deserve. Their combined experience spans over four decades, so you can be assured that we understand what it takes to create beautiful holiday memories to treasure forever.

We believe in attention to detail. Helping to create every aspect of your holiday is our pleasure and what we do and love. Contact our professional experts to start your holiday plans. 

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